YAMAHA FG black label (FG-180J)

FG-180J of black label FG of Yamaha FG who is made in 1974 (big body)

A black label was sold as "the remake of the red label" behind green label by the model of about 1974 years of '.
There is a difference in the form of the head but there is poshness such as the pick overpass of the tortoiseshell handle.
The high-pitched tone that the sound is gorgeous in the model where there is little, too, number because the production period is short, that the body sounding is great
It possessed red label (FG-140) and good phosphorus label (FG-160) before but it is doing the sound which is better than it.

Old series of Yamaha is famous in any of the body sounding.
These days the plywood seems to be different from the one in recent years and to sound well because it is using the material that the material at the center of three sheets of repeating, too, is the same.

■finger board/rosewood